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Best Outdoor Photography Locations - Sonora, California

Sonora, California is a hidden gem for outdoor photographers, boasting a variety of scenic locations that are sure to inspire even the most seasoned photographers. Listed here are a few of my favorite spots to shoot engagement photos, families, and senior portraits.

Knights Ferry

Knights Ferry is a small town with a rich history, and its Covered Bridge is a popular spot for photographers. The bridge spans the Stanislaus River, and its wooden trusses and steel frame make for a picturesque scene. The surrounding landscape, with its rolling hills and towering trees, provides a beautiful backdrop for nature photography. A favorite feature is a large cactus that creates a stunning backdrop. Ideal seasons to shoot: Spring, Fall, Summer

Columbia State Park

Columbia State Park is another great location for photographers. This historic gold rush town is full of old buildings, antique shops, and other relics from the past - this adds a charming touch to any shoot and the architecture provides many options for posing. The park also features a variety of scenic trails, including the Stagecoach Trail, which winds through the woods and past old mining sites so variety is widely available. Ideal seasons to shoot: Spring, Fall, Summer

Indigeny Reserve

Indigeny Reserve is a unique location that is perfect for photographers interested in capturing the beauty of nature. This organic apple orchard is home to a variety of wildlife, including deer, foxes, and birds of prey. The orchard is also situated on a hilltop, providing stunning views of the surrounding countryside. This location is most popular in the fall months due to the pumpkin patch and colorful leaves. Ideal seasons to shoot: Spring, Fall

Phoenix Lake Golf Course

Phoenix Lake Golf Course is a surprisingly great location for photoshoots. The course is surrounded by towering trees and offers stunning views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The rolling hills and lush greenery make for a perfect backdrop for family photos and couples. Ideal seasons to shoot: Spring, Fall

Table Mountain Walking Trail

Finally, the Table Mountain Walking Trail offers a unique perspective on the natural beauty of Sonora. The trail winds through a volcanic plateau, and features stunning views of the surrounding countryside. Besides shooting along the walking trail, you can also hike up the mountain and shoot on the flat mountain top (hence, the name Table Mountain) which is a fabulous spot in springtime due to the large bloom of wildflowers. If you can make the hike, its definitely worth it for the shots! Ideal seasons to shoot: Spring, Fall, Summer

These locations are just a few of the many great spots for outdoor photography in Sonora, California. There are plenty other locations I will highlight in another post about photo spots further up the mountain in other areas of Tuolumne County.

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