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Summer Date Night Idea — Photoshoot Edition (Discount Included!)

Summer is upon us! I could not be happier; it snowed 8ft at my house this winter…gross. And while the sun is hot and sets later in the evening, time after work is sure to be filled with the great outdoors, fun times, spent with friends and your special someone. But are you really going to settle for another dinner and a movie? Another Netflix and chill? This is summer. Summer is for adventure, memory making, and fun-filled, movie-worthy romance! So guys, take my advice: plan a photoshoot date night with your girl. Not convinced its a good move? Well, let’s keep talking (keep reading for 15% off)!


Obviously I can’t generalize too, too much but… yes, she will. How do I know this? Take a look at her phone sometime. I’m sure the background image is a photo of you two or a photo she took from a special time shared together. What does her Instagram feed contain? Likely images of you and memories you’ve made. See, photos aren’t about the vanity. It’s sentiment, history making, and story telling. So when you tell her that you’ve planned a date and its a photoshoot with a photographer she’s going to be extremely giddy - great memories and gorgeous photos deserve all the excitement! Plus, you’ve just scored major points by: 1. Planning a date and 2. The date being incredible thoughtful and memorable.


It’s pretty easy: fill out the form on my website here to plan the session, then tell your girl to not make plans that day because you planned a fun date - it’s really that simple. Now, you can make this photoshoot a total surprise or give her a heads up, its really up to you. If you’re going to make it a surprise, then you have to convince her to wear a cute outfit (a simple white dress is always a good option). This could be a little tricky and she may have a preferred outfit to wear for photos so I suggest giving her a heads up. Something like, “I planned a date for us so don’t make plans for [insert date here], I booked us a photoshoot with Brooke Battle!” Don’t worry, she will still be surprised.


After you receive your digital gallery from me and post all your cute photos to social media, you should absolutely print them. You can order a photo album with lots of images or just print and frame your top favorites to hang up. This part you should make a surprise! Don’t tell her you’re printing them, but have them ready for a future date (tack on flowers for bonus points). Lucky for you, ordering prints, albums, calendars - all sorts of things - from the digital gallery I send is extremely simple!


A photoshoot is likely going to cost more than your typical dinner and movie, but its hard to put a price on memories. And for readers of this blog post, I am offering 15% off a session (for a limited number of you)! This deal won’t last so get it while you can. Use that saved money to buy prints!


Simply inquire here.

You and I will discuss dates and times.

Then you will need to sign an agreement and pay a deposit to secure your booking.

That’s it!

Book now to get your 15% off!

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