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Things To Do 6 Months Before Your Wedding

Climb Into Bed With Your Skin Care.

Seriously. Every night before bed (and when you wake up) lather, massage, spray, roll, whatever all that skin nourishment. Make an appointment with your local esthetician to get professional advice on how to tackle your skin goals for the big day. Find the routine and stick to it. Why six months in advance? Some skin products take several weeks to see results so you have to be committed to the end vision. You and your photographer will love seeing your skin behind the lens that needs minimal to no retouching. Extra points if you get your groom on the skin care train too!

Pre-Marriage Counseling.

Counseling is not just to put out fires, it can also be a preventative measure. Going to a few counseling sessions before you get married will help you effectively discuss some hard-hitting topics, some things you may have never thought of, or things you have been putting off. There are a lot of books you and your partner can read together too if a therapist is out of the budget. If you are a person of faith, many churches offer pre-marriage counseling for free.

Nail Down Your Hair Cut & Color.

The last thing you want is a hair crisis a week or 2 before your wedding. We've all been there: the color wasn't right, you and the stylist have different rulers (I said an inch!), or worse - you got bangs (tip: do not get bangs right before your wedding). Six months gives you plenty of time to find the right length and formula, then just a week or so before the wedding you can get it touched up.

Have All Your Vendors Booked.

This one seems obvious, but I have had plenty of couples come to me to book wedding photography with less than six months to the big day. Not only could this add unnecessary stress to your life, but you will likely not be able to book the vendors you want - especially photography and videography (so contact me now if you want me to shoot your date!). This six months leading up to your vows should be fun, exciting, and not a mad-dash to wrap up the wedding planning.

Send Out Your Invitations.

If you haven't already, now is the time to send those invitations or invitation emails, video, or however you are letting your loved ones know that you want them to help you celebrate. Six months is plenty of time to allow friends and family to mark their calendars to plan around your wedding. However, if you are planning a destination wedding, you should send those invitations and details out at least a year in advance. If you are looking for a one-stop-shop for photography and invitation design, take a look at my packages - I offer full service!

Say Yes To The Dress.

It's time to find your dream dress and seal the deal. If you have to order your dress, especially these days, six months is the absolute latest you should buy our dress. You want to give it plenty of time to arrive then be altered. And its always good practice to have several fittings or try-ons, you don't want your dress too tight or too loose when its glorious debut finally arrives. Another huge task taken care of!

I hope this small list of items helps you out, bride-to-be! And remember, if you haven't booked your photographer yet, I would be more than smitten to chat with you about what working with me is like. You can send me a message here. Can't wait for you to have the best day of your life!

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