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Tuolumne County Photography Class Workshops

I'm thrilled to announce our monthly in-person photography class / workshops in Tuolumne county starting in November 2023! For only $20 per person, you can drop in anytime, no fancy reservations needed. Just stay updated on my social media or email list to be informed of the location and time for each shoot as each will change pertaining to sunlight, weather, etc.

Just bring along some cash or use Venmo, whichever works best for you. You can expect a relaxed and fun atmosphere as we dive into capturing stunning images of people, nature, buildings, each other - we'll see!

A bunch of lily pads floating on a pond with one delicate pink lotus flower

WHO IS THIS FOR? Whether you're a newbie with a smartphone or an eager camera user who is ready to dust of the kit you bought

years ago, these workshops are all about helping you get the most out of what you have. We'll be exploring some nifty tips and tricks to make your photos really pop and reflect those cherished moments.

A girl sits in a meadow wearing all white with pretty sparkly makeup, her eyes are closed in a dreamy look

WHAT ABOUT EDITING? The exciting second half of the photo journey: editing. I will also be offering monthly online class exclusively focused on editing. All you need is your trusty phone or camera and a laptop with Lightroom. Don't fret if you haven't downloaded it yet; I can guide you through it. Just keep in mind, there might be a small fee for Lightroom.

The chapel in Yosemite valley photographed from below in black and white showcasing the strong structural angles of the building


In-Person Photography Workshop (tentative)

November 19

December 17

January 21

February 18

Online Photo Editing Class (tentative)

November 21

December 19

January 23

February 20

So, let's gather together, capture some awesome memories, and explore the art of photography in a supportive and fun-loving community. Get ready to unleash your creativity and let's make some magic happen!

Photographer Brooke Battle poses for the camera with her head resting on her hand and a plesant smile
Tuolumne Photography Instructor Brooke Battle


Hi! I'm Brooke Battle. I've been exploring Tuolumne County with my camera since 2015 when I moved from Los Angeles to Strawberry to be a live-in nanny. It was a whole journey but I had my camera the entire time. To this day I am touched at how special it is to capture memories and embalm them in a way so that the photos look and feel the way the moment felt in your spirit. Sharing this art form brings me so much joy for so many different reasons and for that I am hosting these classes! I hope to meet you soon and create together.

I have taught many friends and colleagues the ins and outs of photography and editing over the last 5+ years. My goal is to create a space that is open for questions, ideas, and an overall community vibe. This class is not for someone looking for cutting-edge business-minded photography -

just vibes. <3

Sign up for the email list here.

Follow me on IG here.

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